Front and Back-end web developer.

"Everything you imagine is real" - Pablo Picasso


What can you expect?

Feel free to ask me anything that comes to mind! I am eager to learn and use the newest technolgies

Brand Identity

I'll help you find exactly what you need, after some talking we will have an idea of what you really need.

Front and Back-end

Developing a website, application that suits YOU and your personal needs.


Personal logo's, websites, posters or even booklets they have no secrets for me.

CMS & eCommerce

Helping you set up a webshop and explaining how to use it.

Who am I


My name is Kevin Corne and I live in Melsbroek Belgium. I fill most of my days doing front & back-end web development using the newest tools and languages. Next to that I like graphical design using photoshop & illustrator. Every day is a challenge, improving myself and learning new things are the core of it. But most of all it is important to have fun while doing it!

If you feel the slightest urge to contact me, Go for it! You won't be dissapointed!

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Get in touch

Work related, or just a chat? Fire away!